The 6 Best Ecommerce Tips & Tricks for Gaining Repeat Buyers

Best Ecommerce Tips

Building relationships with your customers is super important for your business! Here are a few ecommerce tips and tricks for gaining repeat buyers!


In order for your business to succeed, you need people and customers who can trust your brand and buy your products even if they have never heard of your brand before. Establishing strong relationships with your visitors and potential customers is crucial for running a powerful and prosperous business.

The customers you already have, are one of your most important resources. Did you know that 40% of the revenue for ecommerce business comes from repeat buyers? Building relationships with the customers you already know can off in higher returns, more than what you spend on trying to get new buyers.

Here are some of the best ecommerce tips and tricks for gaining repeat buyers:

  • Provide impeccable customer service: A reliable customer service is the most important thing you have and you should nourish it well. People remember a bad shopping experience or poor customer service and you surely don’t want to be the brand they complain about on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Create a customer loyalty program: There are customer rewards programs in different forms. For example, you can use a point system that buyers cash in, you can provide a freebie after a specific number of purchases, or you can offer tiers where people can discover and unlock certain advantages based on the purchases they make.
  • Email buyers with promotions and discount offer: The promotions and discounts are great tactics to get more sales and an excellent way to reward your loyal buyers. You can also create discounts in exchange for user referrals. For example, if a customer likes you and refers a friend, offer them a discount.
  • Send marketing emails: Although the discounts are great, you want to also send your customers emails that offer valuable information or stories along with those that promote products and interesting offers.
  • Add favorite features to your website: A lot of customers search for different products online and whenever they see an item they like but can’t purchase at the moment, they want to add this item to a Wish List. If you don’t have this feature on your site, they will probably forget about those items.
  • Offer a personalized shopping experience: You can use the information you have from the buyers’ past purchases and create a shopping experience that highlights the products they are most likely to buy.

Your online store needs new customers to develop and grow but it also needs repeat buyers to thrive.

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